Thursday, July 9


when a cloud
eclipses my face
a brow raises, the eyes narrow

so as to see better in the dark

when full lips
stretch into a thin line
the head tilts, slightly to the right

so as to hear the unspoken meaning

you may think
my piercing gaze
the sign of an inquisitive mind

you’d be wrong

it’s the little man,
awakened by your
near truths, your masked emotions

clawing his way to the surface

to get a closer look
so he can touch you, feel you,
taste the air escaping your lungs

his greatest desire

to be birthed
to be fully grown
to live in the light

will never be realized

for what would become
of the whole
without his watchful eye?

little man…intuition
intuition…little man


Anonymous said...

You took a similar road, yet divergent path to my thoughts...

I like the imagery and feeling of this...

gautami tripathy said...

I like how you did it!


Deb said...

Intriguing. I like the idea of the little man clamoring for a look, a touch.

Texas2Tennessee said...

Thanks everyone.

Homunculus was not in my vocabulary until this prompt came across cyberspace. It was a good exercise.

Dana said...

Your little man is almost like a parasitic twin, something that is part of a person but can never survive on its own.

Jeeves said...

Like this one....

Erin Davis said...

Wonderful! I love your take on this.

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely "cooked"...

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

I agree with Dana -- I got a similar feel on this poem as well. Nicely done.


Mutiny in Six Parts

angie said...

I was almost afraid to see what you had been cooking...

but I'm glad I peeked. I really enjoy the tension builds and then you "let the air out." Nice.

Nathan said...

I really like this notion of this "little man" as the embodiment of desire - -well done.