Sunday, November 8

The Story I Want To Tell

That last two months have been all about LaLaKnee, the adventure in knee replacement surgery. Do you want to know the most common question I'm asked?

Here it is...

"You just had one replaced?"

For the record...

Yes, I only had one knee replaced. The surgery is debilitating and I can't imagine having them both done at the same time. I know it's common practice these days, but let me tell you something HURTS, recovery is a LONG and HARD process and physical therapy is a BITCH.

It also takes a village to recuperate. My mom stayed with me for 6 weeks, the Lovely Linda held vigil at the bedside until I could go home and wonderful friends organized and brought delicious meals every day. Two households took in Miss Mocha and cared for her like she was their own little brown dog child. Folks came and laid healing hands on me when my body was doing everything it could to reject LaLaKnee. Volunteers split up my duties at the Retreat Center until I was strong enough to come home and continued to come when I realized I wasn't strong enough to do it all.

These gestures of kindness and love make my heart swell and my eyes water. That's the story I want to tell.