Monday, November 7

On Rejoining the Chaos

After 6 years of living in near-Nirvana, I have moved to the city and am experiencing all that a city has to offer.

Last Saturday, it had to offer:

1. Me running a red light
2. Mocha getting so over-stimulated at Petsmart she peed a wide swath from the front door to the car
3. Aggressive posturing in the Krogers parking lot

...and that's when I thought it was best to retreat to the safety of four walls.

Under the "not new to most, but new to me":

1. Learning how to use a Smartphone
2. Adjusting from dial-up to high-speed internet
3. YouTube

When my neck and shoulders started aching and eyes watered, I resorted to my fall-back position...

Home Made Mac & Cheese