Saturday, July 4

My Personal Declaration of Independence - 2009

The hamster wheel has spun 360 degrees and it's time to take a dive into the recesses of me. What am I looking for? Evidence of things I allow to hold me hostage. It's pretty easy to spot since I put down the tar paper a few years back. I just look for dark, sticky footprints on my insides and follow them till I find the little bastards in the dark crevices of my spirit. The miner's hat with the light on top helps, but I've gotten so good at this I can see them in the dark, smell their stench that singes my nose, like hot tar on a roof in August.

So, what's on the list for 2009?

In 2009, I declare my independence from:

1. Waiting


2. Pain

Waiting may seem to be an odd choice as some might confuse waiting with patience. They are not the same. For me, waiting is a legacy I learned from my mother. It means sitting passively by until someone else makes a decision or takes an action that will fulfill me. It's an act of marking time in place, not moving backward, but not moving forward either.


Pain of the physical. It's time to manifest wellness and declare NO MORE PAIN that robs me of creativity, energy and compassion.

So there you have it, my personal declaration of independence for 2009. I'm going to need your help so brace up for a year of liberation soldiers!


Maria said...

I like your first declaration...the second, not so much. I deal with people in physical pain every day and am in some myself. They tell me about their sister in law or friend, who told them that they can think their way out of the pain, if they so desire. While I agree that a good attitude is very important, a person rarely brings pain on themselves, at least not the physical kind. And to make them feel guilty for their pain, as if they someone wished this for themselves, just seems almost cruel to me. But, yes, a healthy outlook is important and hope for improvement.

Texas2Tennessee said...

I hear you Maria. I'm not talking about an attitude adjustment when it comes to dealing with pain, I'm talking about being proactive in my wellness plan to help, not exacerbate a decaying knee joint.

Thanks for dropping by.