Saturday, March 26

A Shift

Hello! Is there anyone out there? I don't blame you for walking away from this rarely-updated, dull-as-dishwater blog. I have a bag of cookies and I'm going to drop crumbs all over the Interwebs and see if you can be lured back. Yes, they're chocolate chip.

This blog has been a wonderful place to house my poetry and photos and occasional observations and rants for the past 6 years. Funny thing is, about 2 years ago, the poetry stopped flowing and the daily existence of being me didn't seem blog-worthy. Two major life events contributed to the muteness...knee replacement surgery and the bitchin' flood last May.

I don't know if there's been a permanent change to my landscape or if this was protracted writers block, but I'm about to do something to kick myself in the writers butt.

From Apri 7 - 10, I'll be locked down at a writers retreat. Just me, pen and paper and maybe my laptop. I'm pretty scared because I run the risk of uncovering a fraud of such grand proportions it makes Bernie Madoff look like an alter boy.

Ok...that was pretty dramatic but there it is...I'll either come away from the retreat with poetry oozing out of my pores or with me in leg irons.

So stay tuned...this should be interesting.