Tuesday, September 30

On Having a Seizure

This was one of those days when I wish I'd had my camera with me. If I had, I could show you the image that sent me into a metaphorical seizure.

I imagine what I'm about to describe has been plastered all over television, flickr, youtube, myspace, etc...but since I'm intentional about not watching TV and mindlessly surfing the web, you'll cut me a little slack.

So, we're driving through a picturesque neighborhood in West Nashville. Along the winding road, I see yard signs for Candidate A and Candidate B. Excellent, the two party system seems to be equally represented. Then, we approach a house that has a yard sign for Candidate B that is approximately 50 times larger than regulation size (no, I don't really think there's a regulation size, but you know what I mean) and below it is a color photograph of Candidate B's running mate decked out in camo, holding a semi-automatic weapon on her hip (okay maybe it was a rifle, but I was having a seizure...deal with it).


Someone please explain this to me.

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