Sunday, September 28

In Search of...

One of my daily reads is Hahn at Home. Lori is re-entering the dating scene and asked her readers for assistance in composing a personal ad. The entries are in and #5 contained the best question I've ever read:

"Will you drive out in the dark of night to find me a pain pill/ice cream/thesaurus?"

If she finds a woman who can truthfully answer 'yes' to that question and do it without being asked, she has hit the jillpot!

Good luck Lori.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, sweetheart! I'll bring you the pain pill with a glass of cold water, feed you Blue Bell ice cream, and read the thesaurus to you until you fall asleep. Your sweetie.

Hahn at Home said...

I'll let you know if I do.

Not too sure it will be very easy.

Marcia said...

i read hahn at home too. hilarious. and i like your term "jillpot." jill + pot. now that's lucky.