Friday, September 12

Hunker Down

Houston Skyline from Eleanor Tinsley Park

It seems the media has latched on to a familiar Texas phrase, "hunker down." I don't know if, in fact, it's origins lie in the rich Texas soil, but in talking with my family and friends over the last two days, that is in fact what is going on. Here are a few anecdotes to ponder:

1. The pelicans left Galveston Island several days ago. They effected their own evacuation without benefit of the National Weather Service, FEMA or the Mayor's Office.

2. My friends on the force (HPD) don't have the option of evacuating. They have been activated and are leaving their homes to begin 12 hour shifts until order is restored.

3. The mayor of Houston had the following advice about preparing for the approaching storm, "Run from the water, dodge the wind."

I'm still trying to make sense out of how one dodges the wind, especially when it's hurling uprooted trees, broken glass and debris at you. Maybe ruby slippers would be of help.

4. "This one is big and scary."

Texans are accustomed to everything being on a large scale, so when they describe this storm as big, you can be assured it is HUGE.

Right now, my heart is in my throat for friends, family and neighbors who call Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast home. May you wake tomorrow to the glint of sunlight bouncing off majestic skyscrapers and an intact skyline.

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