Wednesday, October 1

Happy Birthday Holly!

See Holly.
See Holly grin.
See Holly grin on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

See Minnie.
See Minnie kick up her heels.
See Minnie kick up her heels for the birthday girl.

See Holly and Minnie.
See Holly and Minnie skip.
See Holly and Minnie skip backstage.
See Holly and Minnie skip backstage for an adult beverage.

(btw, that's Holly on the left)
To my dear friend Holly,

I hope your day is filled with grinning, kicking up your heels, skipping and an adult beverage.


Anonymous said...

Hey Holly,
Happy Birthday from me, too. Hope it's special and fun and and worth yee-hawing about!

Anonymous said...

YEE HAW!!! I'll be doing Minnie proud by kicking up my heels! Started the day by not going into work, sleeping in fabulously late, and will be going to dinner with my honey and then meeting some friends for a drink!! Only way it would be better is if y'all could be here!!

Much love & hugs!!!!!!!