Tuesday, September 2

Summer Reading Wrap Up

Even though summer's not officially over for 20 more days, I'm calling it finito to my summer reading list. Stoved up over the weekend with a creaky back gave me a chance to add another book to the list: The Summer Guest by Justin Cronin . It was a well-crafted read with some sublime passages.

It wasn't my intention to graze through books this summer like a bag of Frito's, but graze I did. From the thousands of pages, myriad of characters and settings, carefully crafted and edited books, one paragraph tucked in a 30 year-old book by Canadian author, Gilean Douglas is going to stay with me like the memory of this summer's perfect peach:

Every conference, church service or significant chat should take place in the outdoors or, when weather worsened, where a sweep of beautiful landscape could be seen. There would be silence first and just looking. Then you would see the neck unstiffen, the shoulders lower and go back, the hands open, the foot still. Then irrevocable things might not be done out of weariness, impatience, prejudice or greed. Then the benediction of beauty sweetened with compassion might flow around and through us, to save all that is worth saving.

The Protected Place

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