Thursday, January 12

What To Do?

When is it going to be easier to live without you? I've done everything I'm supposed to:

1. Cried for a month
2. Starting taking anti-depressants so I could stop crying
3. Sought out and joined some social groups to meet new people
4. Posted a personal ad on a website
5. Ate right, exercised, got plenty of sleep
6. Wrote about it
7. Threw plates
8. Had a BodyTalk session and my cards read
9. Took an apple cider vinegar bath
10. Prayed

It's been two months and the crying started again this morning. I thought I was past this stage. I don't know what else to do, so I'm opening it up to the citizens of are smart people...please help me.

1 comment:

TUFFENUF said...

The most difficult thing to do, but you have to - as Tony Soprano would say - "FORGETABOUTIT" Now this sounds cruel, but you must do MORE, get involved in other things, let time do it's healing.