Monday, January 2


New Year's Day 2006

Women of great spirit, beauty, humor, compassion, appetites and intelligence were my companions on New Year's Day. We watched Fried Green Tomatoes, laughed and hooted, cried and cringed. We trust each other with our secrets, our heartbreaks, our dreams and our struggles..this group of women in Covenant.

I'm new to the group, as I'm new to just about everything around here. Two of us have had particular disappointments in the relationship arena this year, so it occurred to me, that what would make me feel better and make a good start to the new year was to BREAK SOME PLATES!

We piled in the car at dusk and drove to our chosen location, a craggy rock wall set back from the road. Giggling like school girls, we jumped out and gathered our ammunition...discarded plates, bowls and cups. Two of our companions acted as sentinels and cheerleaders, standing next to the road, sounding the alarm as a car approached.

I threw the first plate and the splattering, clattering, shattering sound it made against the rocks was glorious! For once, I didn't throw like a girl. I reared back and let her rip with all the gusto I could summon from my toes to the top of my head. God, it felt good. At first we took turns, jumping up and down and celebrating each others Tawanda moment. Then we really kicked up the volume by throwing rapid fire together. You should have heard it! I'm telling you, it was better than any therapy session I've ever paid for.

So on New Years Day, have your traditional black-eyed peas and cabbage. When you're through, pass me your plates...I have a new tradition!

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