Friday, January 6

Snow? Yes, Snow!

It has happened at last...snow flurries this morning on the Ridge. I've been expecting it for two days...funny how the body knows these things.

Snow flurries are subtle, silent and best experienced standing still. The tiny flakes tickled my eyelashes as they fell. I held my breath and fought back tears for fear the exhalation of body heat would chase them away.

Walking to the mailbox I noticed the air was different and so very still, save the flurries swirling around me. I imagined myself in the middle of a snowglobe, being gently shaken by the hand of the Divine.


Papa Joe said...

I am so jealous that you get to play in some snow! I used to love the first light dustings during my childhood (but NOT the never-ending drifts of the stuff at the end of those long, cold Buffalo winters...) By the way, your blog has inspired me! Warm wishes to you from Houston.

Texas2Tennessee said...

Goodness how my heart warmed to read your words. I'm so glad you've carved out your very own space in blogdom...welcome!