Tuesday, January 17

Are You...Truly?

Strange things happen on the Ridge with the phones...the infrastructure is pretty vulnerable to weather, phases of the moon, birds on the wire and other mysterious telecommunication maladies.

We have all become accustomed to answering the phone only to find a recorded voice on the other end attempting to sell us something. Today, what occurred has never occurred before and it has me wondering exactly where we are as a society.

When I answered the phone, a woman's recorded voice came on the line and simply said, "I'm sorry." That was it..."I'm sorry" and then silence...not disconnected, but silence. I stood there looking at the receiver, which remained mute, keeping the source of its caller a secret.

I have two thoughts...either there was more to this recorded message and I only received a snippet or we've become so disconnected as a society, there is a service you may subscribe to which will deliver messages you are either too embarrassed or too busy to make yourself.

I'm not sure which explanation is accurate, but can you imagine for a moment what the menu options would be for such a subscriber service?


neighbor jo said...

loved this - I have had Marlo Thomas speak to me this year alot. Perhaps your caller was linked to your last blog posting. Also in 2005 I had an obscene rap on my cell phone but that was original not recorded - just left as a message.

Texas2Tennessee said...

'tis curious indeed. I think I would have preferred an anonymous obscene rapper to a hollow apology. Marlo Thomas huh? I wonder what Phil would have to say about that!?!

Texas2Tennessee said...

Check this out:

You really can have someone else do your bidding for you.

KC said...

Just read this morning about another service whereby you can give your number to a would-be admirer only when they call it's not your number but in fact a rejection service!

Texas2Tennessee said...

Oh my...that's the ultimate exercise in passive aggression.