Tuesday, January 3

Dust Off Your Lexicon

The beginning phrase of a poem has been circling in my head. I wrote it down lest I forget (see previous post) and after I saw the words on paper, it occurred to me I should invest in some new words (you'll see why in a moment). I don't mean words you may recall the definition of or how to spell, but words such a part of your vocabulary, the subconscious mind selects them when things, such as the beginnings of poems, start to percolate.

So, here's the catalyst:

Everything is as it is
and nothing is as it should be

and here's the word of the day:

Sagacious (adj.) to perceive keenly, prophetic, shrewd, discerning

p.s. the name of the poem in process is Train Wreck

1 comment:

Texas2Tennessee said...

My sad, sad brain...later in the day, as I was attempting to recall the word of the day, I kept coming up with sebaceous!

Sagacious...like sebaceous...only leaner!