Tuesday, August 23

Overheard at the Local Walmart

Today, in the "Bath Decor" section of the local Walmart (the locals call is Wallyworld?!?) two women shopping together, either life-long friends or sisters were browsing the "Bath Decor" items when one said to the other, "Oh...I want me one of these!" to which her friend/sister responded, "that's too fancy for me...I only got $20 to spend...we could get the same thing at KMart and save 25%."

Then they walked away, pushing their buggy filled with treasures.

I admit it...I'm a snob. The fact that I was even in a Walmart has probably sent a few of you into fits of hysterical laughter. But you know, now that I'm living the Bohemian life of a poet, I could learn a thing or two from these ladies.

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