Monday, August 1

Day One...Sun is Setting, Humor is on the Rise

I swear I'm not making this up....this happened on Day One

So this Reverend from Kentucky who's staying at the retreat center calls out my name in distress..."Laura, can you help me?" Sure David, what's up? Looking at his feet the whole time, he sheepishly says, "I've tried pushing and pulling, but I can't seem to get the bathtub to drain. Can you help me?" " "Well Reverend, I'll get on my knees and see what I can do." five minutes of me pushing and pulling on the stopper ended in the same result, no bathtub draining, so I put in a call to the couple who used to work here. They get on the line, I explain the problem and ask if there's any magic I need to do to get the bathtub to drain, without missing a beat, the woman says to me, "Yeah, it's a little finicky, except when the Buddhists are here. It always seems to work fine after they have gone!"

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