Sunday, August 14

A Different Kind of Tomato

For two weeks, I haven't worn makeup and my hair has been up in a pony tail. Last night, it was time to bring out the girl in me and hit the town. After a pit stop at the Tomato Art Festival (see blog below) Joanne and I ventured to a local night spot called The Lipstick Lounge, where there were tomatoes of a different variety.

I was a little put off that we had to pay a $5 cover for karaoke, but we werent' disappointed. This is Nashville for God's sake, full of hopeful singers and songwriters. These folks know how to throw down some serious karaoke. This is a really great's owned and run by two identical twin sisters with bleach blonde buzz cuts. The best way to tell them apart is that Rhonda, or is it Jhonda(?) has big red lips died into the back of her hair.

After two weeks of limited contact with the real world, it was great to sit at the bar, drink a beer and hang out with a mix of folks from all walks of life.

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