Sunday, August 14

Houston has Art Cars - East Nashville has the Tomato

Ok friends...file this under, "the heat will make you do strange things."

Last night, Joanne and I went to East Nashville (reminds me of the Heights in Houston) for the 2nd Annual Tomato Art Festival. Uh huh....that's right...the tomato.

So picture this: Art lovers, tomato lovers and the curious all milling around a funky art gallery trying to look cool looking at tomatoes.

The Festival featured:

All forms of art with the tomato as the central theme
Bloody Mary Contest
Recipe Contest
Heirloom Tomato Tasting
The Most Beautiful Tomato Contest

OK...I love the tomato as much as the next guy, but a Festival? There were some interesting items:

Tomato Pasties (the kind you wear, not the kind you eat) the tomato pasty model was getting a lot of attention...kind of like a cut tomato drawing flies.

Hand Lotion that smelled like freshly picked green tomatoes - made me itch just sniffing it.

Gotta stop bloggin now...all this talk about tomatoes is making me hungry.

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