Monday, August 1

No Pictures But Some Great Stories

First....Mocha and I made it to Tennessee in one piece. It was touch and go there for a while, but we braced up and made the 766 mile treck from Houston to Ashland City. No pictures yet, but I'm making it a priority tomorrow to get some on the site.

Day One: it took 13 hours to drive from Houston, TX to Little Rock, AK thanks to a flat tire, hitting a deer, stopping to repair the electrical system on the trailer and getting damn lost in Texarkana.

Day Two: Little Rock , AK to Ashland City, TN - only 7 hours - btw...Mocha slept the entire time, bless her heart.

Here are a few awards to bestow on unsuspecting people and places (no one knew this was a competition!)

Best Dairy Queen - Jefferson, TX for having an extra wide drive through that I could pull the trailer through

Best Town Name - Bucksnort, TN...(I am not kidding when I say I just about wet myself laughing so hard and yes, I snorted!)

Best Appearance by a Guardian Angel - Susan McAdams and her son Jeremy
Susan and Jeremy drove 45 miles to help when the back passenger tire exploded on 59 North outside of Carthage.

Best Question and Response -

Question: Roadside Assistance Operator, "Could you tell me the closest cross street to where you are?"

Response: Me, "Somewhere between the brown cows and the black cows."


KC said...

Ahhhh . . . rural life. Just think of the story fodder you've just moved into. Glad to know you've made it. Got your call late Sunday (after a workout) so I let you sleep. And seeing that the drive included flats et al I'll bet you needed it! Can't wait to hear/read more.

Texas2Tennessee said...

Tomorrow...the wild turkey parade!