Thursday, August 21

It's Big Bag of Dog Food Day!

Mocha not only understands words, but entire phrases. Her favorite is "It's Big Bag of Dog Food Day! Today, Mocha is taking you along for the ride as we forage the hills of Tennessee for the rarest of game...the purple-breasted, yellow-feathered bag of dog food.

I look wistfully at the door. Why will it not open Momma?

I have my duck, let's ride!

First stop, the Post big bag of dog food here.

Second stop...the bank. What's this? Nice teller lady is handing me a dog biscuit.

Are there no big bags of dog food in the vault?


Final stop, the grocery store...magical land of big bags of dog food.

Hurry Momma, hurry!

Me, my duck and the big bag of dog food have made it home safely.

Open the door...NOW!

Bag is open, am feeling weak.

I praise the dog food gods for opposable human thumbs.

Very good Momma. You have performed your duties well.


Thank you.

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