Friday, August 22

Friday Tapas

This end-of-week reflection continues. Do you have a similar practice?


The feeling of accomplishment in bringing tasks to closure was palatable today. After marking a major task off the list, my body went limp and demanded rest. I wonder which is my natural state of being, task driven and upright or prone and contemplative?


So much to do a task list was created. Where is the natural rhythm? Two weeks ago, my desk and work was in order. Today, it is chaos on the surface and in my mind.


A day dedicated to wellness (and shouldn't this be every day?), to liberation from pain, to the restoration of mobility. Blue Bell Peaches and Homemade Vanilla ice cream and an evening with fellow writers was the balm needed to soothe this battered body.


Simple hospitality in the form of warm bread from the oven, a resolution to keys locked in a car and being in conversation with children.

Last week, we gave a man a sleeper sofa, this week he returned for a dresser and brought bagels as a gesture of thanks. This was an opportunity for grace and I knew it in the moment, not hours or days later and was able to receive his gift with my whole heart.


Creating a welcoming space for fellow writers to revel in our love of the shared word.

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