Friday, July 18

Move over Big Boy

Yes folks, there are reasons to celebrate the tomato.

Yesterday, the FDA declared it's OK to eat tomatoes again. Whew...glad to know that nightmare is behind us. If that's not enough to send you rushing to your local grocer, consider how good the tomato is for you. Under slick, shiny, not always red skin is a fruit (or is it a vegetable?) packed with vitamin c, lycopene and are your ready for this...small traces of nicotine.

If knowing all of this makes you want to revel in the street then you are not alone. Head to East Nashville in a couple of weeks and you can join other tomato enthusiasts at the:

There'll be parades, tomato art, children's carnivals, a Bloody Mary making competition, recipe contests, a Tomato King and Queen pageant, music AND a tomato Haiku competition. Now folks, I'm not a big fan of prescribed forms of writing, but at the encouragement of my sisters in the Eastword Writers Group, I dipped my pen in the sauce and here's what bubbled up:

tomatoes can-can
to salsa or not salsa,
my stomach rumbas


Deb said...

Whether you like the form or not, honey, you were born to haiku!

Anonymous said...

Haiku, You "ku"... but we all are coo-koo for La!!!!! : ] H-town misses ya sorely!!!

Texas2Tennessee said...

Deb...I'm blushing like a ripe, red tomato!

Anonymous...I miss you too!