Monday, July 7

Drum Roll Please

Some very kind folks have agreed to sit in the host chair for a little while. This doesn't mean I'm breaking up with you...just need a little non-blogging time to finish a few projects.

Readers, meet David. He answers to several names and you can read about that little quirk on his blog. I check his site most every day and like Spam, you never know quite what you're going to ingest. Without further adieu...I give you my bongo playin', cigar smokin', boiled peanut eatin', mischief-maker...Mr. Mears:

On the Naming of Children

Many thanks to my dear friend and blue-eyed-soul-sister LaLa for the invitation to share a few words with you, her worldwide blogregation. Just so ya know, I'll probably just keep sending her stuff until she reads one that she LIKES. So yeah, this could take awhile.

My first article is about the naming of children. Today is Monday, July 7, and there's a headline on that reads: Kidman names baby girl Sunday. ('Kidman' in this case is actress Nicole Kidman, who is married to musician Keith Urban, which explains why the child was born here in Nashville - they live here. Well, actually they live in a nouveau-fancy picturesque valley south of here, which used to be, well, a valley and a river, and now is a CELEBRITY-FILLED valley and a river. But I digress.)

So this headline confuses me just a tad, because I thought that the child was born on Sunday, but apparently she must have been born late on Saturday, and then was NAMED on Sunday. This doesn't bother me. Nearly every child enters this world unnamed for a time, although that time is usually just a matter of minutes. A few people have been known to live without a name for several days. I suppose it's just as well that they aren't at all aware of this fact. What would it be like to know that you don't have a name? Sorry, I digressed again.

Where was I? ... AH, so as it turns out, the child was not named on Sunday after all. The CNN headline was correct, but the child was not named on Sunday. The child was NAMED SUNDAY. She was born early this morning. On Monday.

I'm glad I could clear this up. I'm not going to opine on the merits of the name. All I really had to do on this one was report the facts: hey, Sunday was born on Monday. You guys go nuts if you're feeling it. It does, however, remind me of the Sheryl Crow lyric ('Every Day Is a Winding Road,') "He's got a daughter he calls Easter ... she was born on a Tuesday night." I always liked that line.

Finally, (sorry, I thought I was done,) I just remembered something. My favorite Keith Urban song is "Raining on Sunday." Y'all ... this is just gonna get complicateder and complicateder.

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