Sunday, July 13

A New Day

Friday at 12:00 noon, a lone carpet-layer packed his tools, remnants of carpet and left. 5 weeks of intense renovations had come to an end. In 30 minutes, 12 people would arrive for an overnight retreat. 30 minutes to allow the house to settle around itself, become still and quiet. I walked barefoot from room to room, breathing in and breathing out. The color scheme has changed, hardwood floors have been refinished, new carpet has been laid, but the bones of this house are unchanged. Steeped in love, hospitality and reverence, I uttered a prayer of thanksgiving and Penuel Ridge was again a respite for weary sojourners.

I exhausted myself, physically, emotionally and mentally over these 5 weeks. The last day and 1/2 have been my Sabbath. I have slept, read, walked, watched birds and rabbits feast, lightning criss-cross the sky and thunder echo between ridges. I feel more rested, centered and hungry to write, to return to the music of poetry.

Many thanks to Guest Bloggers, Cathy, David and Kathy for breathing energy into this blog and my life. When I can return the favor, you need only ask.

There will be more renovations to come, but for now I am grateful for the return of silence and stillness.


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