Tuesday, June 5

This is Why I Sing

I sing with this amazing group of people. We are a family...complete with family dynamics, but when one of us goes down, we rally. This year, not one but two members of the Alto Section were diagnosed with breast cancer.

They've been through treatment and last Sunday, were both back singing with the Chorus. The Alto Section is whole again, minus a breast and sporting some wicked radiation burns, but again whole.

When you shoot radiation into the body, it can't be contained to the cancer cells alone. Like a pervasive weed, it spreads and weakens the landscape around it. Take lungs for example. When you shoot a breast full of radiation, it weakens the lungs, aggravates all the tissue holding the ribs and sternum together. End result, it hurts like hell to breathe. Breathing is important when you sing...it's the foundation from which music is born.

Imagine then, radiated lungs and a desire to sing, two rehearsals remaining before the season finale concert and a strong-willed Alto. She wants to sing...she wants to live...we want that for her too.

How can this be done? Simple...we rally around her, sing to her, teach her the music until she's strong enough to sing it herself, standing on her two very determined feet.

This is why we sing, why we lift our voice, why we stand as one in harmony.
This is why we sing, why we lift our voice, take my hand and sing with me.
Join us at 7:30 PM on June 23rd for our Change the World Season Finale Concert and witness for yourself the healing joy music can bring to one person, one community and the world.

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