Saturday, June 16

It Doesn't End Here

Behold! A well thought out plan to nourish our fine-feathered friends and invoke prohibition on sunflower seed consumption in Cheatham County (at least by squirrels and chipmunks.)

This would appear to be a perfect setup, correct?

Not so much.

Do kindly read on...

Not two days later, I sauntered around the corner to find that the bungee cord had in GONE! I eventually found a 2-inch piece on the deck with the hook attached. Upon close inspection, there was a clean, even cut across the rubber, as if severed by a knife or very large, very sharp teeth. The lid was still snugly atop the can, so a new bungee cord was fastened in place and I skipped off without a care in the world.

Several days pass and I haven't given a single thought to a squirrel, chipmunk, sunflower seed or bungee cord. Passing by later in the week, I stop in to see if the feeders need to be filled. Imagine my utter dismay, when I walk up the path and around the corner to find the lid to the trash can on the deck, a significant amount of sunflower seeds missing in the can and the presence of what I can only guess were deposits of raccoon poo at the base of the can. Bungee cord...nowhere in sight. the squirrels and chipmunks have hired Rocky Raccoon, notorious bandit, to break into crack heaven. I'm sure you've seen his picture at every rest stop in every national park on your cross country vacation. Now I know what I'm dealing with...a skilled thief that demonstrates amazing feats of dexterity with his little paws.

This means war! Armed with two bungee cords, I put that lid into a state of bondage that would make you blush...

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TUFFENUF said...

If the bungies don't work, try chain link, they won't chew through that!