Monday, June 18

A Beautiful Awakening

I was gently pulled into consciousness this morning by a soft, steady rain. Rain...Rain! We've been without it for so long, I had nearly forgotten what beautiful music it makes. I bounded outdoors, standing with arms outstretched and face lifted to the heavens filled with pregnant clouds and soaked in every drop. Mocha too welcomed the rain like a long lost playmate, standing in the yard, raising her head and smelling the air, filled with the earthy scent of rain, mixed with dust and parched vegetation.

Sitting now in my comfy chair, birdsong is wafting through an open window along with a cool breeze. First, the distinct cooing of a mourning dove, then more bird voices join in, accompanied by the singing leaves of thirsty trees. Tires on wet pavement, the bark of a surprised chipmunk, the metallic drip off the eaves of the house as gravity beckons the rain home.

The rain is beginning to slow and soon will stop. I hope cool breezes remain as we take a cleansing breath, laden with moisture, deep into our core. I am grateful for the gentle awakening, to not have missed this early morning respite from the heat and drought, this communion with creation.

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Mimi said...

We also had rain here in Virginia but we need lots more of it to catch up.