Friday, June 29

Lock Down

The squirrels and chipmunks seem to be back to their unaddicted selves and are not staring glassy-eyed into the house any more, shaking their little fists in the air demanding sunflower seeds. That was an ugly period and I think we are all breathing a little easier.

The raccoons, however are another story. They are tenacious in their pursuit of said seed. I imagine them in a circle around a campfire, drawing elaborate plans in the dirt with a stick, plotting their nightly assaults on the shiny trash can where the ambrosia is securely locked down.

I left you, dear readers, with an image of bungee cords in an intricate web of bondage securing the lid to the top of the can. I was certain there was no way the bandits could get in and slept soundly knowing the sunflower seeds were safe.

Again, I was mistaken! When I returned the next day, I found that rather than chew through the thick rubber bungees, they simply unhooked them from one side of the can, artistically draped them across the top, lifted the lid and had their fill of sunflower seeds. The lid was perched jauntily on the edge of the can like a beret on the head of a Frenchman. My mouth was agape in astonishment. It had taken all my upper body strength to stretch those cords across the lid and hook them to the can. Now I know, raccoons have superior upper body strength to least this human.

There was only one thing left to do...replace the bungee cords with a metal chain. Down to the basement I went and eureka!, I found exactly what was needed and it had a hook no raccoon could master.

Now in our second week of using the metal chain (and isn't it lovely and shiny like the can?) I can happily report that indeed the lid remains securely in place. Not to be outdone, I stopped by the other day and apparently, had not pulled the chain as tight as I could have. The lid was ajar, but only by an inch! I pictured a raccoon with its nose stuck into the opening, huffing sunflower seed aroma and sulking away with an empty stomach.

Yes, all is right with the world. The sunflower seeds are secure but I would swear just yesterday as I walked past the dining room window, I saw a raccoon on its hind legs, banging its little fists on the glass.

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Mimi said...

I once found a chicken carcass in my kiddie pool and some of the laundry off the clothes line. I thought a person had been in the yard but alas it was raccoons. Can you imagine they tore the laundry off the line? A bungee cord seemed to end our trouble.