Wednesday, March 28

Thin and Slow

Nuts, Crazy, Out of Control, Pulled in Too Many Directions....

That's my life right now.

Most of it is self-inflicted.

I don't like that about me.

I want to change that.

I hate having to push be ever-vigilant about guarding the sacred time I need to not let myself or anyone else chip away at the seconds, minutes and hours I could be creating...the whole reason I picked up my life and dog and moved to Tennessee.

Where is the balance?

I need community and the ways in which it feeds me. I need to engage the world, it inspires me. Community and the world have an insatiable appetite. I am but a small appetizer.

For those who are's what's been going on:

Spring...demands me to be out, taking photos, breathing it in, experiencing the wonder of the change in seasons.

People...coming and going in throngs at the Retreat Center. We are booked solid until June 29th. I am but one part-time staff person. Right now, it's a 40+ hour a week job.

Music...last weekend, the Chorus I sing in recorded a 15 track CD...our first. It took an entire weekend and a monumental amount of energy, focus and intensity. traveling with my Writer's Group this weekend to Asheville, NC to hear the Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet, Mary Oliver read her poetry, lecture and sign books. Seriously...Mary Oliver...I hope I remember to breathe.

Love...a most wondrous, amazing, unexpected love that grows deeper every day.

Writing...this is the first time I've written in a week...7 days...and this really isn't so much writing, as it is regurgitating facts and life events.

Misc. know, like dog poo that's stuck to your shoe with industrial strength glue. Can't seem to shake it off or get rid of the smell.

Hair...yesterday, it was down the middle of my, it's less than an inch all over. All donated to Locks for Love.

"Life's experiences coming thick and fast are the soul's appointed means of growth."

'Thick and Fast'

May I place an order of Thin and Slow please?

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KC said...

Mary's coming our way too and I'm so excited I can't breathe either ... which by the way, I hope you're able to do soon ... yet, still, sounds as if you've got Mary's "bride married to amazement" philosophy down pat at this point ... which leads me to ... do i/we ever get details on the love mention?