Friday, March 9

Mystical Moments of Wonder


We travelled, you and I
to a place neither here nor there
somewhere in the ether, aloft
but aware

of each other
your face, inches from mine
our bodies aligned
one breath
one heartbeat
one voice
whispering in the night,
"see, feel, touch, taste"


Look into my eyes, you said,
and hold my gaze
and then you drew me deeply in
so deep inside of you
a place of light and warmth
and rainbow color swirling
all around the edges
You drew me gently down
into your core, into a space
entirely filled with love and joy;
with grace and gratitude
and all around me
you were singing YES!

Just breathe me in, you said
and so I did
inhaling slowly, fully
filling up my heart, my lungs,
my soul with you
my spirit rising buoyant
on this breath of you
my skin, my life expanding
to absorb you, to contain you
I drew you deeply in and held you,
breath of life residing in
the very core of me
and I am singing YES!

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