Monday, April 2

Beautiful Together

When leaving
take only
what the heart
can bear:
one soft, sweet kiss,
one long, reluctantly
relinquished hug,
one lingering gaze
awash in smiles
and silent tears,
two hands so tightly
clasped, unclasping,
letting go and waving
as we disappear.
When leaving,
take only
what the heart
can bear
and hold the rest
in memory
and hope.

Too soon…
too soon my love you drove away.

As we wound down the mountain,
I searched for your taillights through streaming tears.

You stopped at the bottom waiting,
for one last glimpse,
a final wave,
a silent I love you,
but I didn’t see you,
your sweet gesture of farewell.

Isn’t life like that…
how looking right instead of left
can change the landscape?

Had I looked left,
my heart would have leapt
and my body followed,
racing into your arms so full of love,
and yes,
and everything
good, and
fine, and
everything I have prayed for.

Too soon…
too soon my love we parted,
streaming tears a reminder
of the taste of you,
the spice of you,
distilled in the perspiration of passion.

soon my love we will be reunited.
I will wait for you at my door
with streaming tears of happiness,
arms, and
eyes, and
heart flung wide.

Until then,
know this to be true…
This woman loves you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... This poem has tugged at my heart strings. I don't know if it's the fact that I'm familiar with your life's journey or the vivid emotion streaming from your words. I have to know more. What's going on with you?