Friday, March 2

This is an ALL SKATE

For those of you who don't speak skating rink , an ALL SKATE means everybody gets to participate!

Yes, spring is in the air and yes, I am in love. We've all been there, once or twice or ten times. We all know you can achieve Herculean feats while in the throes of new love, such as fully functioning on 2 hours sleep...but I digress.

This morning, while padding around the retreat center, a few things happened that made me laugh out loud at myself. I am fully attributing these rather odd occurrences to my current state of bliss and it made me wonder if you, my dear friends, have had similar experiences while under the spell of la' amour and would be so kind as to share:


(kindly fill in the blank)

I'm setting the bar not at the highest or the lowest, but at the silliest possible level by sharing my very own experiences from this morning:

1. You know you're in love when you've been walking around the house for an hour carrying an onion.

2. You know you're in love when you go to transfer your laundry to the dryer and realize the cup of laundry detergent you intended to put IN the washing machine is sitting ON TOP of the washing machine.

3. You know you're in love when you wake up singing...not in your head, but out loud.


TUFFENUF said...

You know you are in love when you get that "full-on foamy toothpaste grin!"

Jo said...

A Bad Hair day just puts a grin on your face as you head out the door.

Anonymous said...

You know you are in love when you make a pot of coffee while talking to your sweetie on the phone and discover when it's finished brewing that you never put any coffee in the filter basket.

Bubba said...

You know you are in love when the goofy grin on your face has robbed you of the ability to communicate in a comprehendable language when standing face to face with your loved one.