Thursday, August 24

Where Be My Prize?

I will personally bake you a pan of mouth-watering brownies and send them to you if you know the definition of this word...without benefit of looking it up:


I'll even give you the sentence it appeared in:

With my inexhaustible supplies of Elitch I daily dive again into these dim regions, and crawl to the surface with the stub of a pencil, sweating, to record what I have observed.

Here are the contest rules:

1. You are on the honor system about sneaking a peak at the definition...if you cheat, I will know it and poison your brownies!

2. You may ask for clues, but I retain the right to refuse to give you one or I may make something up just to throw you off...take your chances.

3. If you are thinking of asking someone to look it up for you...see rule #1

4. If you are thinking of asking someone with a pulse if they know what the word means...see rule #1

5. The contest ends when the first correct response is received as a comment on this blogsite or by my birthday, whichever comes first.

There is a clue to the definition embedded in this Blog. It's subtle and I didn't do it intentionally...but it's there!


Brian said...

alas, i am no match for your word! I'd be interested to see what other people guess, though!!! :)


Texas2Tennessee said...

Hey are welcome to make a guess...I'm adding a new rule...if no one knows the true definition, I will award the prize to the best guess!

crazy neighbor JMR said...

Hmmm - I would say birthing - only because of the sentence you used it and your clue. If I am 25% close can I have a quarter pan of brownies...If I am 50% close then 1/2 pan and If I am 100% then can I have the whole thing and treat you to something else for your birthday since you are not supposed to be having treats...I am sure I can get you to have a special at the Lipstick Lounge :)

TUFFENUF said...

Is is supposed to be capitalized? So it is a proper noun? Or is that optional? I'm thinking. . . . I want those damn brownies!

Texas2Tennessee said...

Sorry Crazy Neighbor jmr...that is not correct, but thank you for playing along!

Tuff wants a clue...well now...yes the capitalization is the way it appears in print and is considered an improper noun in most circles.

Happy pondering.

KC said...

you're such a good cook I know I shouldn't fear this but my first thought was that you were off sugar and so therefore how hard should I tax my brain for sugarless brownies! ... now having set my excuse for not doing well with this contest i'll give it a shot . . . something like people resources or people in one's life to whom you can turn???? (though no one in my life would ever be a source for this one!)

Texas2Tennessee said...

I would not inflict sugarless brownies on you, they would be fully loaded with all the sugar, chocolate, pecans and other yummies they are famous for.

Your guess is not even close...nice try though!

Melman said...

Does it have anything to do with curiosity or energy, enthusiasm or desire?

Texas2Tennessee said... can be a catalyst for all those you mentioned. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'd kill for some of your brownies, but I won't resort to any of that!! :] How about this: life reflection/soul searching?

Will that count as my bday cake in Oct if I get it??? LOL


Texas2Tennessee said...

Yes, it would count as your birthday cake, but you didn't guess correctly. So sorry TxSmiles.

I'm surprised you didn't know the word based on your line of work. Uh oh....I inadvertantly dropped another clue.

Melman said...

I'm guessing some sort of light source or something that enables one to see clearly

Texas2Tennessee said...

Hee Hee Hee...No

You'll laugh to when the answer is revealed!

Thanks for playing!

ThatBigDogRick said...

Well...Since I know what txsmiles does for a living... I am guessing it has something to do with Safety, Security or Handcuffs!

Did I Win??? I LOVE your brownies!


Texas2Tennessee said...

So sorry Big Dog...your guess was not correct. Of all the people I know, I would have thought you would be the one to know this word. Oh brownies for you!

Anonymous said...

Is the subtle clue in the original posting have anything to do with what i have a right to remain to do? Is it that author's inexaustable supply of "silence"?

txsmiles : ]

ThatBigDogRick said...

Is it Determination?

TUFFENUF said...

OK, my guess - does it mean "thoughts of brownies"?

Texas2Tennessee said... close tuff...but no and I wanted so badly to send the brownies to you...darn.

Texas2Tennessee said...

to txsmiles and bigdog...sorry