Friday, August 11

Here I Go Again

More random thoughts...

Random lapse in memory #1

I can't remember Mocha's favorite place to lay in the house we lived in on Hemphill. I've closed my eyes and walked through every room in my memory and she's not there. I can see her outside on the front porch looking at the stars and us on our twice a day walks through the neighborhood, but nowhere inside the house. Freaky huh?

Random bit of bitterness #2

The Mars Candy Company is on my shit list...just when I'm conquering my addiction to sugar, they come out with dark chocolate M& a purple package. Bastards.

Random observation #3

I've been eating fruit every day for a month. The last few days, I forgot and now I'm craving sugar...hmmmm.

Random paradox #4

I've been having random days of no pain in my knee or hip after 4 weeks of constant pain...this is good. I finally have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday.

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