Wednesday, June 13

Back in the Saddle Again

Despite lingering doubts I may not know how to do this amy more, I think I'll get reaquainted with writing this summer...starting today. I know it's not officially summer, but close enough.

Hmm...where to start. It's good to unpack all my books and let them breathe. They've been in storage nearly 7 years. Isn't 7 years the same amount of time it takes for the body to generate a new set of taste buds? If that's just an old wive's tale, too bad, because I like the metaphor. We'll see if books taste the same or if they've taken on a deeper, more complex flavor.

A lot has happened since my last post. I had to say goodbye to Miss Mocha. Actually, I'm still saying goodbye to her every day. I thought I heard her moving around in the house last night, toenails on hardwood floors, but it wasn't her. I wanted it to be her so I sat in the dark for a long time, thinking about what it means to lose a piece of yourself and still look whole to the world. If people only knew I walk around without an arm and a leg I think they'd be kinder. I wish they would be kinder to me, to themselves, to others. Anyway, it can be a pity party in my head at times.

The lovely Linda is actively looking for a job in Nashville so one day soon, we'll get to live the life we have dreamed of. Imagine it, two women, two dogs and an uppity cat in a two bedroom house. It'll be cozy and furry and exactly as it should be.

We've just finished round two of home improvements and this little house, which was so sad when I moved in, is starting to ooze love. Friends were over last night and commented on how good it felt...yippee!!

I'm having a bit of a health concern. The neurological disease I was diagnosed with 7 years ago has reared its ugly head. I've been asymptomatic this whole time and now WHAMMO! I'm on the medication merry-go-round to see if things can get back to normal. Time will tell. They want to do an MRI to make sure there's "nothing else contributing to the symptoms." That's doctor speak for brain tumor. Fear of the unknown can make you think and do some pretty stupid thhings, so I'm sticking with my gut feeling that it's nothing more than a flair up.

Did I mention the first crop of peaches from South Carolina are in? This is something to smile about!

I think that's it for the random thoughts for now. There's a lot more to write about but I'll save it for another day...maybe tomorrow!

It's good to be back.

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