Monday, November 7

On Rejoining the Chaos

After 6 years of living in near-Nirvana, I have moved to the city and am experiencing all that a city has to offer.

Last Saturday, it had to offer:

1. Me running a red light
2. Mocha getting so over-stimulated at Petsmart she peed a wide swath from the front door to the car
3. Aggressive posturing in the Krogers parking lot

...and that's when I thought it was best to retreat to the safety of four walls.

Under the "not new to most, but new to me":

1. Learning how to use a Smartphone
2. Adjusting from dial-up to high-speed internet
3. YouTube

When my neck and shoulders started aching and eyes watered, I resorted to my fall-back position...

Home Made Mac & Cheese

1 comment:

Maria said...

I suck at anything electronic. To this day, I have to have my DAUGHTER put new contacts in my phone. And my partner is the one who tapes all the shows we want to watch.

If left to my own devices, I would be lost.