Thursday, June 14

Singing for our Lives

Last Thursday night, Nashville in Harmony performed it's season finale concert, "Mosaic...Voices for Change." I was honored to be on the stage with 97 other performers whom I consider family. We were joined by 4 spoken word performance artists from Southern Word and Gregory Stallings, an inspiring young vibraphonist and son of one our members.

We left everything on the stage. In talking with several chorus members, they are still recuperating from the physical, emotional and spiritual experience.

Our message was strong, clear and's youth needs our support more than ever, every voice counts, be a change agent in the face of adversity and do not allow bullying to continue its erosion of our community. This message was inspritational for most, but challenging and uncomfortable for others. I view their discomfort as progress. When we speak the truth with love and tenacity, it should make people who are sitting in the shadows squirm in their seats.

My greatest hope is that they'll be compelled to act for we are not only singing for our lives, but for the lives of our children.

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