Thursday, January 17

Wintery Mix

That's what "they" call it when the weather Gods give us snow, rain and sleet at the same time. I popped outside about 7 pm last night to make a mailbox run and it was snowing big, wet flakes. It was more like clumps, compared to the dry snow of past winters. Mocha was not deterred and we romped in the meadow until it started to rain and then snow and then rain and then sleet and then snow some more.

When I awoke this morning, I expected to see a blanket of white, but alas, the wintery mix meant it melted in the night. Now drops of rain are suspended on the tips of branches and edges of eaves in anticipation of becoming icicles. They are putting up a good fight against gravity.

As I was donning my winter wear to go outside this morning, the hymn, "Oh, How I Love Jesus" popped into my head, with a little substitution in lyrics:

Oh, how I love my scarf,
Oh, how I love my scarf,
Oh, how I love my scarf
because it keeps me warm!

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