Thursday, January 31


Living in communion with creation gives me a front-row seat to breathtaking appearances by the wildlife inhabiting this land. Over the weekend, while driving down River Road, I spotted a barred (bard) owl perched in a tree near the road. It turned its head as we passed, so of course had to go back for a better look. Then, a few miles later, we spyed a Red Shouldered Hawk surveying his domain from the white branches of a sycamore tree.

Big deal? Yes, a very big deal considering I've not seen either in the 2 1/2 years I've been here.

Yesterday, Mocha and I were headed out when something very large lifted from a tree near the car and flew silently to perch a safer distance away. I stood very still and there, looking west, was the largest owl I have ever seen. It too was a barred (bard) owl and did not seem the least bit interested in me or my dog. I returned to the house for the camera and approached the subject silently across the saturated lawn. I was able to capture a silhouette, but wanted badly to photograph it from the front with the golden rays of the setting sun illuminating its face and elaborate network of barred feathers. As I raised the camera to frame the perfect shot, so rose the owl from the tree branch and he dropped out of sight into the lower meadow.

Take my word for it, this owl was spectacular.

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