Wednesday, August 8

Silent Scream

My neighbor emailed to let me know the zero at the end of our street number on the new mailbox was missing. This mailbox situation is beginning to get a bit tedious. I walked down to the road and sure enough the zero at the end of 1440 was gone. Considering how hot it's been (103 is predicted for today) I imagine the glue on the back of the peel and stick number liquefied.

I looked around the base of the mailbox, didn't see anything, expanded my scope, still didn't see anything, moved the tall grass with my foot and there it was, lying face down. As I reached down and picked it up my stomach lurched, sending a signal to my brain to recoil my hand.

Have you ever had one of those moments when your view of the world looks like the reflection in a mirror that has been broken into a thousand pieces, then glued back together by a 4 year old? This was one of those moments. Drawing the number closer, my eyes were finally able to focus on what I was truly seeing and a feeling somewhere between yuck and fear washed over me.

Have a's the front of the number...notice the odd, curvy bulge on the right side:

Flip it over and what do we find?

Yes, that's a snake...a baby snake.

a closer look reveals
this little fellow had a stroke of bad luck,
stuck in mid slither,
dying with its head raised,
jaw open wide
in a silent scream


KC said...

Ok, this qualifies as one of those "I'm not just going to talk about the pretty stuff" entries. And though it provokes a big "yuck!" I'm also half in the "cool!" mode. :)

jo said...

So do you think he did that on the mail box and that is why the letter fell off or after on the ground. I heard on the news that snakes love the heat - they just don't like adheasive.

Texas2Tennessee said...

This is a, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" question isn't it?!? For the curious, I think the number fell and the snake made the grave error of crawling onto its hot, shiny, sticky surface. That's an "oh shit!" moment captured in time infinitum.