Saturday, August 4

Hide and Seek

August 1st is an anniversary of sorts for me. That's the day I became resident staff at Penuel Ridge Retreat Center and began my journey as a self-proclaimed writer. It's a natural time to pause, look back, recognize life lessons and become very clear about what I want to experience in this life.

This blog began as a way to take my friends and family along with me. I've enjoyed chronicalling my experiences in photographs and words, so it's a natural place for me to 'look back' and set my sights for the coming year.

Can you guess what I noticed, after reading nearly 400 entries?

You've been cheated.

I've only shown you the pretty things (except for the heartbreak of 2005). There are pictures of and stories about flowers and barns and countryside and local color and the wonder of creation.

I haven't shown you and written about drought, the sagging remains of once vibrant farms now used as junkyards for broken down equipment, cars and trash. You don't know about the systematic blowing up and scraping away of mountains to feed coal power plants that belch tons of carbon pollution into the air or that once rich delta farm land is being subdivided into luxury riverside homes or that the cycle of poverty is imprisoning the rural youth or that it's me that has to move fresh kill on the land.

I'm not saying all is lost or that I've sunk into the dark well of depression. What I am acknowledging is that I have cheated myself from seeing and experiencing all that is before me. So...get ready 'cause my eyes and heart are fully open. I believe this is what is referred to as "balance."

Happy Anniversary.

Summer of 2007.

What's beyond the reach of the water sprinkler's arc dies away.

Top Photo:

Summer of 2007

Retreat House Lawn - Green
Tractor Shed - Brown


KC said...

Can't wait!

Brenda said...

I know what you's much easier to write about the pleasant things in life.

Just discovered your blog today, and look forward to more!