Thursday, August 9

And on the same day

as the silent scream, there was an incident of mistaken identity by a little hummer who looked a lot like this:

I was standing outside the chapel listening to the wind chimes when I heard the rapid fire beating of hummingbird wings coming from the right and it was getting louder! If you haven't heard it before, imagine the sound of a bumblebee on steroids. I froze. He hovered so close to my right ear, I could feel the breeze from beating wings on my cheek. Not happy with what he found, he threw it into reverse and tried a full frontal approach, making me go cross-eyed. Still dissatisfied, he darted to my left ear. I was braced for a little hummingbird tongue action, but instead he let out a few chirp-chirps and flew away.

Now I have an inkling of what it feels like to be a flower.

Photo Courtesy of: Colors of the Garden

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