Sunday, October 8

You Say It's Your Birthday?

Lordy, Lordy, has been a week for birthday of my very own, a 30th birthday weekend celebration in NashVegas for my longtime friend *Holly and well wishes for Melissa in Houston on Saturday.

The finale of my b'day celebration was an Indigo Girls concert at the Ryman Auditorium courtesy of yummy neighbors J & K. Until Tuesday night, I had only heard their music covered by other girl-duo bands, like Girls with Guitars. Very interesting people watching...especially when the lights went down. I have a couple of suggestions for my sisters out there:

1. When they dim the lights and the band starts playing...that's your cue to stop talking. I'm not really interested in hearing you tell your current girlfriend/date the when, where, how and which ex-girlfriend you were with when you heard this particular song the first time.

2. If you're bladder is that active, you may want to: a) drink less beer, b) consult a physician or c) both. Seriously girls, getting up to pee and announcing to EVERYONE in your row and the surrounding rows that you have to pee does not enhance my concert-going experience.

3. Cell phones...calling or text messaging your buddies who are at the same concert, but seated on the opposite side of the hall from you...get a clue...they know what song is being played and that it's your favorite. Screaming, "WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?" into your color-coordinated, jewel encrusted cell phone does not enhance my concert-going experience. Here's an idea, why don't the two of you hook up in the bathroom during one of your 20 pee breaks and compare notes?

4. Knowing every word, to every song being played is awesome. Singing note for note, word for word in the right place when the band gives you the cue ROCKS. This audience ROCKED on all counts.

5. Songwriting and musicianship that makes me laugh, jump up and dance, cry, clap my hands and think is about as perfect as my momma's lemon meringue pie...delicious!

Thanks J & K...for the was D-I-V-I-N-E!

*Holly's 30th b'day celebration in NashVegas deserves it's own blog with photos, so check back for a future posting...suffice it to say there was indeed a real life Tennessee Hillbilly and Elvis sighting, all in the same weekend!!!!!

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THE "J" said...

Glad you had such a great time - Beware they are addicting concerts :)I am looking forward to hearing more about the Elvis sightings.