Tuesday, October 17

Song of Freedom

who got my freedom?
you got it?
what about you?

no suh...I got it
I got my freedom
ain’t nobody gonna take it from me agin’

you can put me in a hole
drop me down a well
tie my hands and feet so tight they bleed
but you ain't never gonna take
my freedom agin’
cuz where it live you cain’t touch
it live right here
right here where i used to hold my babies

you best get outta my way cuz I’m a comin’
comin’ at you fast and strong with both hands
so fast you think you a chile agin’ been snatched up by
the collar and set butt down on a chair by your pappy

all a’ you...
all a’ you done laid your hands on me
you gonna know what it feel like
to have something put on you
witt out nobody askin’ do you want it

you better run cuz I’m a comin’
I’m a comin’ fast and strong
I got me a rope and a tall tree

i know i’ll answer to the Almighty for this,
but I’m a comin’
and ain’t nuttin’ gonna stop me
from takin' back everything
you took from me

do you hear me?


I’m a’ takin’ it back with both hands and
when I do
ain’t gonna be nothin’ left of you
but bones
bones hangin’ in the yard
all dried up like my soul’s been all this time

you ain’t never gonna lay claim on me ever again
ain't nuttin’ can stop me now,
stop me from claimin' what
i’s pose a’ be doin’

whatta we pose a’ be doin...us humans, us folk?
we pose a’ be killin’
an hurtin’
an cheatin?
we pose a’ be lovin’?

Good Book say Love One Another
don’t seem like we doin’ much uh dat these days
yeah...Love One Another

maybe I put down my rope
step away from dat tall tree
maybe I love you even though
you didn’t love me

maybe dat what I'm pose a’ be doin’


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KC said...

maybe . . .