Thursday, October 12

Plane Crash Post Script

I'm really pissed off over the coverage of the small plane crash yesterday in NYC. Every headline and news report has read something to the effect of, "New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle and a passenger dies in tragic plane crash." Today, I saw that the "and a passenger" is now being referred to as "a flight instructor." Everyone is shocked, saddened and dismayed over the death of a baseball player, but what about the "passenger?" Isn't it shocking and sad and dismaying that this person was slammed into a highrise? Everyone is "so sad for Lidle's wife and child for their loss." What about the family of the "passenger?" Is their loss and grief less sad than that of the Lidle family?

I HATE that sports figures* receive elevated status just because they have a talent for playing a game. I wonder what talents the "passenger" possessed?

*This applies to other "celebrities" as well, but that's another rant.

What if the "passenger" were someone you loved? Wouldn't they deserve equal respect, not only as they walked through life, but when it came to an end?


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Anonymous said...

I agree! Also, did anyone ever say if anyone in the building was injured or dead?