Saturday, July 22

Crisis and Calm

The space between crisis and calm is rapidly diminishing. Bill is back in the hospital after being home for only 2 weeks. Pneumonia, another mild heart attack and early signs of kidney failure is the diagnosis. The news this morning is encouraging...he's responding well to medication to knock out the pneumonia. Mom reports he's anxious to get back to the lake.

When does medical intervention become a hindrance? The sands of time are rushing into the bottom of his hourglass, yet something is holding him here. I know my role is to honor his process and not intervene...easy to say...hard to do.


TUFFENUF said...

You are in the thoughts of this faraway, annoymous person. I hope that somehow gives you some comfort.

Texas2Tennessee said...

I am comforted by your kind and thoughtful expression...thank you.