Sunday, July 2

Chasing Bunnies

It's easy to overlook subtle changes since moving to rural Tennessee. These changes haven't only occurred in me, but in my constant companion, Mocha.

Having been surrounded by dogs my whole life, I'm familiar with their tendency to "run" in their sleep. Laying on their side, all four paws twitching and moving in tandem, muzzle trembling stifling a low woof. We humans can only imagine what our furry friends are dreaming of. I'm not alone in calling this phenomenon, "chasing bunnies."

The other night, Mocha was curled up in her dog bed and I was settled in my own, reading. Suddenly, I heard thump, thump, thump...the wagging tail of a happy dog. I gazed over the top of my book in her direction and realized she was indeed wagging her tail, but was sound asleep. I laughed out loud and then it occurred to me, she no longer runs in her sleep chasing bunnies. She doesn't need to because she runs freely all day long, chasing bunnies, wild turkeys, chipmunks, squirrels, etc... so now she wags.

She is one happy dog.

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TUFFENUF said...

I have three dogs. When the oldest one (Ransome, the Airedale) goes to sleep, he lays on his side and scratches the floor with his paws, making a bed I would guess. This action drives my youngest dog (Hemi, the Schnauzer) CRAZY! He runs over and barks at Ransome until the scratching stops. Dogs are funny. I love 'em!