Tuesday, May 9

An Accord

Several years ago, I was reading New Begnnings I, by Abraham-Hicks. The subject of abundance, creation and miscreation was presented in a way that has forever altered me.


Embracing this concept has led me on a journey, leaving the security of a well-paying job behind to pursue writing poetry without any visible means of support. It's taken a lot of retraining for me to live this tenet in full faith. This is America after all...manifest destiny and the pursuit of more has been the mantra fed to me since early childhood. It's every man for himself and if you work hard enough, you can achieve the American dream. Only problem is, how are we fed in a world such as this? We work hard, we make money, we buy things, we work harder, to make more money, to buy more things, and still we are hungry, disconnected and exhausted.

With $32 to last 21 days, you would think I might be in a bit of a panic, but yesterday, I said outloud, "whatever I need will be provided and there is ample abundance for everyone." Today, someone called to book a retreat. It's a small group of women who are utterly exhausted and they wanted to know if someone could cook for them. We don't provide meals at the Retreat Center, but I do cook on a case-by-case basis for a modest fee.

Do you see how clever the Universe is at bringing forth abundance?

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