Sunday, August 2


It just happened, one of my favorite experiences. Sitting in my big comfy chair on a Sunday morning, I am aware the retreat house is bathed in silence. No equipment is humming, no footsteps upstairs, no road noise filtering through the window, just the gentle breathing of a sleeping dog.

These are the moments I cherish, the moments I hold deep inside as a reservoir of calm. These are the moments I pull from my core when all is chaos, all is confusion.

Soon though, I'll want to hear the chirp and chatter of birds jockeying for a prime spot on the bird feeder. The laptop will be set aside, the window raised and a fresh cup of coffee poured. I'll settle back into my comfy chair and let the morning drift past me on a cool breeze.

This is life well spent.

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Maria said...

I have been alone this past week. Bing was at an Apple seminar, Liv with her father on vacation. Bing comes home tonight and I just realized that I have not had the television on once. Or the radio.Or anything. It has been all silence and I have loved it.

It will take some getting used to when they both get home.